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Assessment Center-Based Recruitment & Selection

As a reputable recruitment firm/agency in East Africa, we provide Staff Recruitment and Selection Services in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda based on the Assessment Center approach. We can recruit through competitive recruitment selection process or head hunting, all staff categories from junior employees to Chief Executive Officer.

What is Assessment Center Recruitment?

It is a method of evaluating candidates through multiple standardized evaluation techniques under controlled conditions as prescribed by the INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON ASSESSMENT CENTER.

Assessment Center recruitment offers a comprehensive evaluation approach that allows candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their competencies in a number of different situations.

It focuses on evaluating actual or potential managerial, leadership and technical competencies.

Career Options Africa Ltd Assessment Center system for executive Selection

Our Assessment Center recruitment process has 2 main stages;

1. Competence mapping and competence based short listing

Core competencies ideal for effective job performance and team roles are mapped as per best practice, guided by internationally accepted competence definitions for applicable industry and sector. The employer has a benefit of a newly updated and competence based job profile (Job Description).

Using competence based shortlisting and preliminary interviews; the best candidates are selected and invited for the assessment center. We recommend that the applications be completed on a specific application form.

2. Assessment Center for short listed candidates

Our short listed candidates are taken through the assessment center. Our assessment center has three main stages namely;

i. Testing
ii. Assessing
iii. Interviewing

For the full range of methods used in each stage and our assessment center procedure, please contact us

Why Career Options Assessment Center?

  1. Candidate information
    Our assessment Center provides more information about the candidate’s probable success on the job than any other recruitment method.
  2. Accountability and transparency
    Our Assessment Center offers the most transparent recruitment method. The assessment process produces accurate comprehensive records and justification on why a candidate was successful or unsuccessful.
  3. Employee early development needs
    Our Assessment Center provides early warnings on particular areas of mismatch between the individual and the job for early remedial measures.
You may call us for;
  1. Full recruitment process.
  2. Selection (Assessment Center) only
  3. Training your recruitment team on Assessment Center approach
  4. Design of assessment tools for your own in house Assessment Center

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